Republicans Show No Mercy During Trial Of Disgraced General

In the middle of Democrat softballs being tossed his way, General Mark Milley met someone who did not want to play around. Florida GOP Matt Gaetz went for Milley in a way that caused the general to be very uncomfortable.

Gaetz also swung and scored a hit at President Biden during this the process.

Gaetz came in swinging at the start, making it certain that his call about removing Americans from Afghanistan was a huge error.

“You really blew that right, General?” asked Gaetz.

Milley started to respond that they had a “strategic stalemate” but Gaetz stopped him and highlighted that the general was more focused on his book “Peril” with reporter Bob Woodward than he spent thinking about “the very likely prospect” that the Afghan government would get overrun and deposed by the Taliban should the United States have departed as we did.

Milley denied this but Gaetz immediately fired back at him.

“Oh really? Because you stated that after Kabul fell no one would have anticipated the sudden fall of the Afghan government.”

Gaetz immediately asked when he became aware Joe Biden attempted to get Afghan President Ghani to lie concerning the conditions in his nation. Milley said he was not aware of this occurring, yet Gaetz was not accepting this answer as Milley was the top officer in the area.

Milley answered again that the situation was a “stalemate” and if they had left advisors there then the army would also have stayed behind. Gaetz then moved to sec. Austin for a second, asking him if he can know when troops have the will to fight and said that it was clear that Austin definitely does not because of his failure to train people in this area to fight their enemies.

He was not done with the General, however. Gaetz then made it certain that he went around the chain of command when he called China to get around Trump. Milley denied this, but Gaetz was not having it.

It was near the end that Gaetz gave his most punishing blows that a lawmaker has ever delivered to a General. Gaetz mentioned Milley’s claim that he had no plan to resign and Gaetz said this was likely true.

“You seem to be perfectly happy failing, but if we did not have a president like this, you would all be fired,” said Gaetz. “Because you deserve just that.”

“You let down the American people who wear the military uniform all over this nation, and you are far more interested in what others think about you inside books than winning wars which you two seem incapable of doing,” he then said his time was up.

Author: Steven Sinclaire