Republicans Reach Boiling Point Over Biden’s Border Agenda

House Judiciary Committee Republicans are urging for Biden’s DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to go before a committee during an increase in illegals coming into the country during Biden’s initial five months in office, according to a message obtained by reporters.

In the letter, top Judiciary Committee member Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (OH) and Immigration and Citizenship Subcommittee member Tom McClintock (R-CA) slammed Democrats’ lack of action in regards to Republicans’ concerns and demanded for Mayorkas to appear before a Judiciary Committee, as is normal for the DHS secretary to do once a year at least.

“Because Democrats won’t deal with the Biden border crisis, we ask that you make yourself available to testify about the ongoing security crisis at our southern border,” McClintock and Jordan wrote.

Read a copy of the message below:

The letter comes as illegals flooding into America have skyrocketed during the past several months. Border Officials have encountered over 100,000 migrants pushing through the border illegally every month after February, representing a big monthly increase over last year. The recent data reveals that May had 180,034 encounters, compared to 23,237 in May 2020, a 675 percent uptick.

This increase in illegal migration connects with numerous immigration policies of the Biden White House, including the removal of asylum agreements with Northern Triangle nations, undoing Remain in Mexico, and slowly removing the public health policy that allows agents to deport illegals.

“The Biden-Harris White House repealed Trump’s programs that helped to stop the tide of illegal migration. Instead, the Biden-Harris White House created open-border policies and rhetoric that gave incentives to aliens to illegally enter the country,” McClintock and Jordan wrote.

The letter stressed that threats which the open border poses to Americans’ “ security and safety” but does not also stress the impact it has on their economy and the jobs. Mayorkas has tried to use his role to create “many side paths for government-dependent migrants to come through the southern border.”

Author: Scott Dowdy