Republicans Plan Lethal Attack Against Biden And His Administration

The current Republican National Committee Chair, Ronna McDaniel, revealed this Thursday that her committee would be suing President Biden’s White House for ordering the Labor Dept. to mandate that private businesses force vaccinations onto their employees.

“Joe Biden told American citizens when he was elected that he would not enforce vaccine mandates. That was a lie,” McDaniel said. “Now it looks like workers, small businesses, and families across the nation will be forced to pay the price.”

“Like many Americans right now, I support the vaccines but I am anti-mandate,” she said.

“Many small companies and workers do not have the resources, financially or legally to fight Joe Biden’s unconstitutional acts and authoritarian demands,” the chairwoman said.

But when Joe Biden’s “decree” is enacted, she said that “the Republican National Committee will sue the White House to safeguard Americans and their freedoms.”

The White House gave Biden’s Chinese covid-19 “Action Plan,” and reported that the Dept. of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will form a plan for all private business with over 100 employees to force all of their employees to get the vaccine or give weekly negative tests.

As McDaniel pointed out last Dec., Biden said to reporters that he would not support any kind of federal vaccine mandate.

“I do not believe it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t force it be mandatory,” he said to reporters at the time.

However, this Thursday, just before the Republican Nation Committee spoke about their intentions to sue the Biden administration, the President stated during his latest speech at the White House, “This is not about personal choice or freedom. … It’s about guarding yourself and those people around you” as his reason for having the mandated vaccines.

As more Americans get vaccinated, there is a growing pressure onto those who are not vaccinated. With some Hollywood celebrities even calling for these people to be prevented from getting medical care. Something that has never even been mentioned for people who smoke. So obviously, this is not about the health of Americans, it is about getting and forcing compliance and acceptance of top-down control.

Author: Scott Dowdy