Republicans Mock Biden’s Big State Of The Union Hypocrisy

After hearing the news that hours before Pres. Biden gives his State of the Union Speech this week the White House will end the requirement for people that are vaccinated for the COVID virus to wear face masks while they are on the premises, Sen. Ted Cruz mocked Joe Biden, tweeting, “It is a State of the Union miracle!”

“The decision of the White House comes after a similar decision from the office of the Attending Physician, who stated that on the House floor for Joe Biden’s speech masks will be optional, likely keeping away from the optics of lawmakers that are masked and gathered for the event, two years after the coronavirus pandemic started,” Fox News noted, adding, “The U. S. capital is now in an area thought to be low risk under the CDC’s new metrics, which puts more focus on what is going on in community hospitals and less on positive test results.”

In mid-Jan., Cruz argued that reporters were hypocritical when they question him and other GOP members about why they were not wearing masks at a media conference when they would not ask President Joe Biden or White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki about avoiding masks when speaking to the press.

“And on the question you just asked about hypocrisy, you people who are at the podium speak with no masks. Just one time, I would like to see a reporter say to Pres. Biden when he is standing at the podium in the White House with no mask, ‘Mr. President, why are you not wearing a mask?’ Cruz said, according to Fox News. “Just one time, I would like to hear you ask Jen Psaki, when she stands at the podium without a mask, ‘Ms. Psaki, why do you not have a mask?’ These questions are only pointed at Republicans, and the American people can see the hypocrisy.”

Cruz also said, “I believe there has been wild hypocrisy from the White House when it comes to mask mandates. Joe Biden plainly said we should not have mandates, but he meant vaccine mandates. As far as I know, most everyone here at some point has been vaccinated, double vaccinated, and boosted.”

In April 2021, Cruz said he would not be wearing a mask any longer on Capitol Hill because of the fact he had already been vaccinated. Ted Cruz said, “At this point I have been vaccinated. All the Senate workers have been vaccinated as well.”

In Feb. 2021, Cruz teasingly told the Political Conservative Action Conference that Americans would be required to wear masks for “the next 300 years.” He added, “Not only one mask, but, two, three, or four. You can not wear too many masks at one time. How much virtue do you really want to signal? This is just stupid.”

Author: Scott Dowdy