Republicans Laugh In Biden’s Face After His Biggest Agenda Hits The Wall

The House GOP told reporters during an exclusive interview this Wednesday that President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda is now “dead” after this week’s Republican victories.

Republican Congressman Drew Ferguson (GA); the House GOP chief deputy whip, Republican Kat Cammack (FL); and Republican Warren Davidson (OH) spoke to us after the GOP scored major victories in New Jersey, Virginia, and other elections this week.

The House GOP has told reporters that the elections were a repudiation of Joe Biden’s agenda. Biden has focused his legislative majority on pushing through dual infrastructure bills, the $1.2 trillion alleged bipartisan bill, or what is called Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and his $1.75 trillion Build Back Better bill.

As Americans are increasingly pushing back on Biden’s agenda, Republicans said it becomes even more likely that Dems cannot pass the two infrastructure bills with their razor-thin majority in Congress. Dems can only afford to lose around three House members, and only one member in the U.S. Senate.

Ferguson said this week’s elections are a “big pushback against socialism.”

“I think that it will start to eat away at their chances of pushing the Build Back Better Act,” the GOP chief deputy whip stated.

“It puts everyone first but American citizens,” he said. The Georgia conservative said that the Build Back Better Act would ruin the economy.

Ferguson stressed that this week’s elections, which raised the issue of teaching the controversial anti-white Critical Race Theory, proves that parents want to decide for themselves about their kids’ education.

“I believe you saw the push back against their policies last night,” Ferguson said.

Davidson said that Tuesday’s elections prove that Dems “must go back to the drawing board” with their spending bills.

He also said that the House Freedom Caucus had a media event this Wednesday discussing how they want to continue to push Republicans to not support the bipartisan infrastructure bill so it will not transform into a “delivery path” for the “watered-down Bernie Sanders” legislation, or Biden’s Build Back Better Act.

Biden, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Dems have compared their large Build Back Better bill to President Roosevelt’s New Deal and President Johnson’s Great Society programs. However, they have greatly lowered the Build Back Better Act from $3.5 down to $1.75 trillion and removed many progressive programs that some liberals wanted in the bill.

Author: Steven Sinclaire