Republicans Have ‘Surprise’ For Biden’s New ATF Director

Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale (MT) is pushing an effort to propose articles of impeachment against David Chipman, President Biden’s would be director of the ATF, should the Senate approve him to the position.

Rosendale says the reason for the move against Chipman is because of his failure to defend the Second Amendment even with the fact the Second Amendment clearly says Americans have a right to keep arms. Rosendale highlighted Chipman’s role in gun control organizations and how he pushed an amicus brief asserting that America’s Second Amendment does not guard a person’s right to keep arms:

“During his hearing, Chipman replied ‘I do, sir’ to a question concerning whether he ‘wanted to ban assault weapons.’ When asked numerous times, Chipman then had trouble giving a definition for ‘assault weapons,’ before ending up defining an ‘assault weapon’ as ‘any rifle capable of using a detachable magazine higher than a caliber of .22.’ By this definition, the ban supported by Chipman would encompass most modern rifles owned in the country.”

The second reason for the impeachment, as Rosendale says, is that Chipman lied to Congress when asked if he had ever misplaced or had a gun stolen from him.

“David Chipman is not fit to be the leader of the ATF. His credentials show he is an adversary to the constitution and the American people’s freedom to keep arms,” Rosendale said. “Lawful gun owners in the state of Montana should not be forced to hand over their constitutional rights so that the federal government can have more control over the American people. I will keep fighting and pushing back against the Biden admin’s extreme agenda and guarantee that all Americans will keep their constitutional rights.”

Rosendale’s impeachment push has 12 Republican cosponsors, which include Congressmembers Jody Hice (GA), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Bob Good (VA), Diana Harshbarger (TN), and Ralph Norman (SC).

Chipman’s nomination has been a struggle for the Biden White House. Most recently, Senator Dick Durbin (IL), the number two Dem in the Senate, said “there are many issues” with Chipman and accepted the lackluster vote count “is not good, but there is always a chance,” according to reports.

Author: Scott Dowdy