Republicans Get The Winning Edge As Citizens Flee Blue States

You might not have been following this news much, since it was going on last year. But the U.S. Census took place at the same time a devastating pandemic rocked the country. It just might have been the most accurate Census we’ve ever had, considering most Americans were at home, ready to fill out their paperwork.

In the run-up to this 2020 Census, Democrats had fought Trump over one specific question. The Census would ask a resident if they were a legal citizen of the country, or an immigrant. Clearly, blue states wanted that question left off the form, hoping that non-citizens (including those who came here less than legally) would be counted in their population.

The more people counted as legitimate citizens of a state, the more representatives that state would get in the House. That might lead you to believe, regardless of that one question, that Democrat-run states would obviously win out in this Census. They usually have larger populations, anyway, so they’ll end up with more seats to add to their currently slim majority in the House.

Well, the Census is out and everyone’s jaws are dropping.

In breaking news, red states have gained five of the seven news seats in Congress, after a reapportionment based on the 2020 Census.

Texas has gained two seats, while North Carolina, Florida, and Montana gained one seat. Oregon and Colorado also gained one seat.

California, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia all lost one seat…

“The process of redrawing America’s political maps has begun. The Census Bureau kicked off the year-long redistricting scramble with its announcement of congressional reapportionment, changing the number of House seats each state will have for the next decade,” reported Politico, adding that the actual Congressional maps won’t be redrawn until later in 2021 at the very earliest.

“But reapportionment amplifies the long-term shift in population and political power from northeast to southwest, which began in the middle of the last century. States like Texas and Florida continue to add seats, while New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio shed them,” Politico added. [Source: Daily Wire]

For a long time, we’ve seen and talked about the mass exodus of residents fleeing blue states for the greener pastures of red states. Major Democrat strongholds like California and New York have seen people move out in droves, for more business-friendly (and low tax) states like Texas, Florida, Arizona, and others.

It should be no surprise that this shift has finally registered in the Census. Many of the states that lost seats have had many Democrat governors and leadership, which raised taxes, drove away jobs, and forced residents to flee. Even swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania have suffered under union-controlled Democrats for far too long.

Democrats in the House are most likely freaking out right about now. They only have a pathetically slim majority in the House at this moment. By 2022, many predicted the House would flip Republican. Now, some Democrats won’t even be able to run again and Republicans will have new seats to fill in deeply red states.

Many of the new districts will be drawn by state legislatures, which are under Republican control. So, in the coming years, we will see a dramatic change in the makeup of the House.

No wonder Pelosi always seems drunk at press conferences.

Author: Timothy Shields