Republicans Furious After Major Supreme Court Loss

The Supreme Court on Tuesday formally turned down a request to stop the federal mask mandate for air travel, it was reported.

The emergency application was issued by Michael Seklecki, a father to an autistic child. It reportedly said he and his child could not adhere to the mask mandate.

Requests in the writings were given to Justice Neil Gorsuch. The motion was stopped by the justices without further comment.

“The application for stay sent to Justice Gorsuch and referred to this Court is denied,” the order said.

The referenced article highlighted that this denial by the U.S. Supreme Court is not necessarily linked to legality of any of the coronavirus related mandates. Any non-attorney can technically issue lawsuit papers against anyone, and this is possibly the case for the before mentioned court request.

This decision by the supreme court comes one year and counting of the Biden White House continually forcing Americans to use face masks while traveling in planes. There is currently not an end in sight to this ruling, with the Biden White House announcing the further continuation of new masking this past Dec..

“And we are prolonging the requirement, both globally and domestically, to use masks for travel on train, aircraft, public transportation, through the upcoming winter months,” Joe Biden said during his speech at the NIH.

Joe Biden’s extension of the forced masking rule marks only one of many broken promises by his team since taking office. The White House occupant previously pledged to force masks for “only” 100 days before taking office.

“Wear your mask for only 100 days. It is the easiest thing you can do to lower COIVD cases, hospitalizations, and even deaths,” Joe Biden said.

“Whatever your politics are or your point of view — mask for 100 days once we enter office. 100 days to make the difference. It’s not a political thing, it is a patriotic act,” he said.

This comes at a time when Americans are growing increasingly angry about Democrats demands for masks as Covid cases decrease. They are clearly using every tool they can to control the American people.

Author: Steven Sinclaire