Republicans Find ‘Alarming Discrepancy’ In Biden’s Victory

Image Source: Big League Politics

Pennsylvania Republicans are saying they have found something “alarming” in the presidential vote. A data error that is two times larger than the margin of Joe Biden’s victory.

Their analysis, released on Monday by Rep. Frank Ryan and a dozen or more of his colleagues, found different counts when they compared Election Day data at the county level and State data from Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar which uses a system called “SURE” . They also suggested that there were tens of thousands less votes in the presidential race than overall.

Boockvar, a Democrat, framed the analysis as a fake news effort made to sow doubt into the validity of the election. Wanda Murren, a spokesperson for the PA Department of State, told the Washington Examiner that the analysis was done on non-complete data.

Trump took to the GOP assessment, putting out tweets using it as more proof the election was stolen. This as officials say they have “not seen” such evidence.

This is all a month after Boockvar finalized election results and Gov. Wolf handed out an ascertainment of electors saying that Biden got 80,555 more votes than Trump.

GOP analysts say election results showed 6,962,607 total ballots were reported, while the SURE system showed only 6,760,230 total voters. A difference of 202,377 votes. The Republicans say this gap, combined with the 31,547 less presidential votes, combine to “an alarming discrepancy”. More than twice the statewide difference between Trump and Biden.

The small graph that shows in their press release reveals three small rural counties have not fully declared their results on the internet, and so the assessment is only founded on what has already been reported.

The lawmakers issued a statement saying they were already worried about the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s actions, but after seeing the huge gap in votes and ballots, they now have urgent questions about the accuracy of the election in PA. Going on to say the “Numbers just don’t add up”… and saying that Pennsylvania’s election results was “premature and in error.” 

Murren responded with an insult. Saying that the Republicans had just given an example of the “dangers” of lay analysis. Then seemingly mocking them for basic lack of election knowledge. Murren said it wasn’t clear what data they were using but insisted the SURE system was accurate. Then ended with an example of the 2000 races when Santorum got 200,000 additional votes in his Senate campaign than Bush got for his presidential campaign. While the Senate election had over 100,000 less votes than the presidential race.

Trump has responded to the data findings saying “This is far more votes than is needed by me to win Pennsylvania”. Then adding that all other swing states show similar fraud. And if the fraud were fixed, he would win in a landslide.