Republicans Enraged By Biden’s New Propaganda Plans

GOP Missouri Senator Josh Hawley said that President Biden is “incompetent” after using teenage TikTok celebs to help tell people that the Ukraine war is responsible for rising gas prices during an interview this week with Fox News.

“This reveals just how incompetent President Joe Biden is, that now he is asking teenagers to work for him,” Hawley stated. “I mean, think for a second. This is the President. It is bad enough that he is going around begging foreign dictators to get oil for us because he will not allow Americans to make our own energy, but now he is going to random teenagers and begging them to use a Chinese-owned app to push his propaganda.”

Hawley stated that the administration was “not serious” about the threat from the Chinese Communist Party to American national security. He warned that they have a “backdoor” to all the data and content posted to TikTok, which was why he wanted to ban the app in the United States.

“This is not an app that any American should be supporting, let alone the President of this country. So, it is very irresponsible. It is like him sharing our information with Chinese leaders, which he apparently did do at one time,” he said. “So, it is a pattern here where the Biden White House does not know what is going on, they mess up from one chaotic crisis to another, and now they are forcing teenagers to do their work for them on a Chinese app.”

TikTok star Ellie Zeiler, a person at the White House meeting, posted a Sunday social media video of herself explaining why gas prices are soaring, which continue to go beyond $4 per gallon. When the 18yo asked Psaki about inflation, the media secretary solely put the blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by Fox Business.

“Why is gas getting so expensive, and why is the U.S. inflation rate at a four decade record high?” Zeiler said in her social media video. “I had the opportunity to discuss that with the White House and here is what they had to say.”

Author: Blake Ambrose