Republicans Demand Biden Reverse His Tyrannical Agenda, Or Else

South Dakota GOP Governor Kristi Noem asked for President Joe Biden to stop and reverse all federal COVID-19 mandates after he mentioned this week that, “There is no federal solution,” to the covid pandemic.

“After one year, we finally agree with the president. The federal government is not the solution. That is why from the start, the state of South Dakota took a different approach by trusting in our own citizens to be responsible and make the correct choices for themselves and their families. Now stop and reverse all the federal mandates President Biden,” Noem said on Tuesday.

The post came after Biden’s remark this Monday during a virtual discussion with America’s governors.

The South Dakota governor had previously spoke out against Biden over his dire remarks before Christmas that informed unvaccinated Americans they would “see a winter of death and severe illness for your families, and the hospitals you will soon overwhelm.”

Noem said, “America needs leadership and hope from Biden. Not dire predictions and fear.”

Noem is not alone in her demand for an end to national mandates. Arkansas GOP Senator Tom Cotton also showed a similar conclusion to Joe Biden’s comment.

“When Joe Biden says ‘there is not a federal solution,’ he is trying to avoid blame for his total incompetence,” Cotton said via Twitter this week.

“If he really thinks this, he should rescind the unconstitutional federal mandates,” he said.

“There is no federal solution, but the federal government can help by securing America’s southern border, approving better treatments and tests, and appointing good leaders at the CDC and FDA,” Cotton also said.

“Biden opened the southern border, ruined testing, and outsourced the CDC’s guidance to liberal teachers’ unions,” he said.

Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy also said the president “finally got it right,” sharing the difference between Joe Biden’s message back in 2020 that he would “stop the virus” with his new comments.

The White House and Joe Biden have not responded to the Republicans’ demands and we suspect they won’t anytime soon.

Author: Scott Dowdy