Republican Infuriates Liberals With A New Border Wall Plan That Includes Trump

GOP Senator Rick Scott, who previously was Florida’s governor, put out an 11-point plan for conservatives to use if they regain Congress in the upcoming midterm elections. In his plan, he outlines a pledge to complete the wall at the southern border and name it after Donald Trump.

“We will protect our border, complete the wall, and name it after Trump,” the plan says. “Nations have borders. We need to give that a try.”

The plan continues, saying that “nobody has a ‘right’ to come into America.” In addition, immigrants who move to the country should not be allowed to collect welfare or other benefits during their initial seven years here.

Trump started constructing the wall after he entered the White House in 2017. After Biden won the election in 2020, construction of the wall suddenly stopped. Since then, as we have has covered, illegal movement through the border have gone up astronomically.

In addition to finishing the border wall, Scott’s plan includes removing federal funding from all “sanctuary cities” and going against all “comprehensive” immigration reform plans. Also, elected officials who go around immigration laws would get prosecuted.

“We will stop incentivizing those people to come to America to get government benefits. We have lots of welfare recipients,” the plan states. “We need productive citizens only.”

Other points within the plan include fighting socialism, maintaining fraud-free and fair elections, and to promote pro-family and pro-life causes.

“The Biden White House’s unprecedented combination of liberal policies and incompetence is harming the American people,” the plan says. “Is this the start of the end for America? Only if we allow it.”

Earlier this month, Trump had an interview with The Epoch Times where he stated the first executive action he would sign if he were president would be to finish the wall at the southern border.

“When Putin and Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un and Iran’s leaders, when they are watching millions of people come into country…they lose all respect for us” he said.

“You have got to make them respect us again,” he said. “You do that by ensuring they know this country is here to stay and we won’t be taking any nonsense.”

Author: Scott Dowdy