Republican Extortion Case Evolves Into Something From a Crime Novel

Details surrounding the extortion against Congressman Matt Gaetz, R-Fla. have now been connected to a search for a missing FBI agent who vanished 14 years ago in Iran.

According to reports, Gaetz’s family was spoken to by Bob Kent, a former Air Force Intel officer, who claimed he had found former FBI agent Robert Levinson. Kent reportedly requested $25 million to organize the rescue of Levinson, and promised to aid the congressman with legal problems in exchange.

“In exchange for the money, and upon Mr. Levinson returning home, the team that gives Mr. Levinson to the President will strongly push Biden to issue a pardon, or order the DOJ to terminate all investigations concerning Congressman Gaetz,” said the document Kent gave to Gaetz’s father, which had the title “Project Homecoming.”

The document stated that Rep. Gaetz was “being investigated by the FBI for corruption.” It goes on to claim that the FBI had learned of photos of Congressman Gaetz in an alleged “underage sexual orgy with prostitutes.”

The document requests that Gaetz’s family put $25 million into a trust at the law firm of Beggs & Land, using the name of former federal prosecutor David McGee.

Gaetz has rejected any wrongdoing and doubled down on his statement that he is the target of an extortion attempt.

Gaetz talked to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently and claimed his family had notified the FBI about the extortion, declaring McGee as the one behind it. Gaetz stated that his father wore a wire during a meeting with McGee and that the Times story was leaked in order to interrupt that investigation.

Author: Steven Sinclaire