Red-State Leaders Form A Huge Biden Takedown Group

The Republican attorneys general of two dozen states filed a lawsuit against the Biden Administration Tuesday afternoon in opposition to continuing mask requirements on federal transportation.

In the complaint, filed by 20 states’ attorneys general, they charge that the CDC has exceeded its epidemic authority and failed to provide required comment periods before imposing or extending the face mask requirement. They also document that implementation has caused harm to Americans, as well as accusations of arbitrariness and capriciousness in enforcement.

The CDC’s mask-mandate policy states, “The agreement allows one to take off one’s mask for limited durations while eating or drinking while unconscious (but not when asleep), and while wearing an oxygen mask on an airplane.” “Violation of the requirement is considered a crime, although the CDC has stated that it “does not rely primarily on criminal penalties.”

“The CDC’s mask requirement on public transportation, such as air travel, is scientifically unwarranted right now. Not only are these mask mandates for public transportation one example of federal overreach, they are also out of date because states around the nation have already removed such restrictions in other areas of daily life.” Attorney General Jason Miyares said about the lawsuit

This week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis previewed the lawsuit.

Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, Utah, Florida, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Georgia,  Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Ohio, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia joined the lawsuit.

Democrats have worked since the covid-19 pandemic started to takeover as much of Americans’ lives as possible. They tried in vain to force vaccines onto everyone in the country. This push could be the worst mistake that they have ever made. Americans are pissed at the Democrats, and every poll is proving it. And the midterm elections will prove it even more!

Republicans are going to sweep the floor with power-hungry Democrats and this latest round of lawsuits is just the beginning! Once the GOP has the House back in its possession, many top Republicans have promised to hold trials into everything that happened during the coronavirus lockdowns and the ensuing vaccine mandates.

Author: Steven Sinclaire