Red State Governor Enrages Democrats — Stops Their Most Extreme Agenda With One New Law

Women’s and girls’ sports will now be reserved for females under a new Texas law that has been denounced by the Biden Administration as “hateful.”

This week, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott passed House Bill 25, which states that an athlete’s “biological sex” is determined by a birth certificate and is the sole criteria for eligibility.

“Women got the ability to vote 100 years ago. We secured the ability to equal opportunity in school and sports in 1972. Now, bio males are threatening these gains by going into girls’ sports and stealing them of trophies and scholarship opportunities,” GOP Congresswoman Valoree Swanson, who sponsored the law, said in a comment on her website. “We are now fighting back for these girls!”

The new law comes into effect on January 18, according to The Texas Tribune.

Matt Hill, the White House’s top associate comms director, attacked the new law in a Twitter post on October 19.

“Our message to transgender young people inside Texas and across the nation: these hateful bills are actually bullying disguised as laws, and Biden and our White House will always fight for the complete equality LGBTQ+ people deserve,” the Hill said.

Swanson stated that the bill upholds the ideas of Title IX, a federal law that prevents discrimination in education concerning sex.

“It is very crucial that we guard everything that girls and women have gotten in the past 50 years,” she said.

Although critics say there were no cases reported in the state in which boys or men who claimed to be female were taking opportunities from women, Swanson said we should not to allow female athletes to suffer, like in other places.

“Our voters expect us to see the problems that are coming soon, and not wait until there is a disaster ’til everything is destroyed to fix it,” she said, according to KXAN-TV. “We do not have to wait until it is a big problem in this state.”

Critics have stated that the transgendered youths cannot deal with the concept that they are not able to compete as females even though they are really men.

“Because the State Legislature has been pushing these bills, there is a 150% increase in suicide among the LGBTQ community, predominantly of transgendered children, because their government does not care for them,” Democratic state lawmaker Julie Johnson said.

Author: Blake Ambrose