Red State Empowers Local Police To Stop Biden’s Tyrannical Agenda

Missouri GOP Governor Mike Parson enacted a bill into law recently that prevents local police from using federal gun laws that break the Second Amendment, a move that comes as President Biden wants to create stricter gun control.

“The new measure allows state gun rules to overrule federal gun laws and keeps police precincts liable if an officer breaks someone’s second amendment rights., it was reported. “If someone has their second amendment rights broken, local law enforcement might pay $50,000.”

Parson, a former sheriff himself, stated that the new law “puts a line on the ground and shows our willingness to reject any move by the federal government to break the constitutional rights of Missourians to keep and hold firearms to defend themselves and their homes.”

“Missouri’s HB 85 places officials in Washington on notice that in Missouri we support law-abiding gun owners, and we oppose federal overreach and unlawful attempts to control our access to firearms., Parson said.

The law comes as President Biden has routinely called for banning semi-auto rifles, forcing certain kinds of pistols to be tracked and registered with the government and taxed, and nominating an extreme anti-Second Amendment official to run the ATF.

The law, called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act., says in part:

“We order that any group or person who knowingly works under the banner of any federal or state rule to limit a Missouri citizen from their rights or privileges guaranteed to them by the federal or state constitution to keep firearms will be liable to the injured person for redress, including monetary damages of $50,000 per instance and injunctive relief. Reasonable lawyer fees and costs may be given to the prevailing party with certain exceptions. The employer of the person who is found liable is also responsible for a penalty, lawyer fees, and court costs in connection with the litigation if the person who is found guilty of this act.”

Author: Scott Dowdy