Rand Paul Has The Perfect Punishment In Mind For Deep State Liar

Republican Senator Rand Paul (Ky.) said this Wednesday that Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley must immediately testify and undergo a polygraph test about the alleged calls he had with China’s military leader behind President Trump’s back.

“We cannot have generals speaking to foreign nations and reporting, hey, we believe our president might bomb you, so get prepared, I will try to stop him. That actually may cause an accidental war. Think it through,” Paul said to Glenn Beck on The Blaze TV.

A new book by liberals Bob Costa and Bob Woodward claims that after the Jan. 6 protest at the United States Capitol, Milley got worried that Trump could order a strike or launch nukes and took clandestine actions to go around the chain of command and stop such an order from getting carried out. Costa and Woodward wrote that Milley had a secret meeting on Jan. 8 with top military officials to talk about the process for military action, including issuing a nuclear strike, telling them not to accept orders from anyone without his input.

The book also says that Milley had two secret phone calls with China’s military leader over what was occurring in the United States. The General reportedly told the Chinese general that he would prevent an attack if one was ordered by Trump and would tell them about surprise attacks if one were ordered.

Senator Paul told Glenn Beck that if these reports are true, Milley’s bad judgement might have accidentally started a war.

“We have different stuff getting launched into space everyday. Satellites and other things. And they can be seen as missiles,” Paul said.

“What if a general called the Chinese dictator and said, ‘Our president might launch — I will try to stop him. But we believe he might attack.’ They could interpret a satellite getting launched as a missile, and then you have a nuclear war happening.”

“It is very dangerous,” Paul said. “Not to mention, that there are many reasons we have a chain of command and elections. Presidents get elected. Milley was not elected.”

The lawmaker also stated that if Milley insinuated he would go outside the chain of command, he must be “court-martialed.”

Author: Blake Ambrose