Rand Paul Forms a Resistance Line, Asks America To Join Him

GOP Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is asking for citizens to outright disobey new mask mandates and possible lockdowns that might be forced as a result of the covid-19 Delta variant.

In an op-ed released on Wednesday via Fox News, Paul said that citizens should “choose freedom” over going along with new lockdowns and mask mandates from “petty tyrants,” specifically House Speaker Pelosi, President Biden, and other local “bureaucrats.”

“Resist,” the Senator starts in his op-ed, “They can’t arrest everyone. They can’t keep all kids out of school. They can’t keep all federal buildings closed — although I have a long list of the ones they should.”

The Republican senator, who has been long against mask mandates and lock downs, argued that the public does not have to accept these mandates or other harmful policies that are being forced onto the American public to allegedly stop the spread of the covid-19 Delta variant.

Paul took aim at Speaker Pelosi for a Police measure that would order the arrest of Congressional aides and visitors for not using a mask. He also told Joe Biden that the American public would “not allow” any move towards another lockdown, and then threatened to defund the agencies involved if Americans were again shut down.

The senator also slammed the local “bureaucrats” for attempting to close schools, saying that kids were being “harmed psychologically and physically” by being out of school.

“Do I sound fed up to you? Well I am,” Paul said, also alleging that Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Fauci was “NOT going with the science, and I have been proven this time and time again.”

Paul ends his op-ed by saying that the “tide was turned,” with more Americans willing to stand up against these mandates now that the nation was at “a crossroads.”

“Will we accept these people using fear to do more harm to our country, economy, and children?” Paul asked the reader. “Or will we work and stand together and say, absolutely no way. Not again. I choose freedom.”

Author: Scott Dowdy