Rand Paul Exposes Giant Money Trail Of Democratic Corruption

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul published Wednesday his “Festivus Report,” which found more than $52 billion in government waste.

The report created by Paul, who is the current chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Spending Oversight and Emerging Threats, divided Washington’s “wasteful spending” in 2021 into areas, which included coronavirus expenditures, Afghanistan and many other miscellaneous spending sections.

The COVID-19 spending revealed in Senator Paul’s report has $4.29 billion in loans that went to Americans who did not qualify to get them under the PPP, $36 billion in unemployment was “paid improperly, with a huge part attributable to fraud,” and $1.27 million that Baltimore City Public Schools got for students who were not even enrolled.

The U.S. DOD gave foreign nations permission to use American aircrafts without charge, which cost around $773 million, according to the new report. On top of this, the United States Air Force bought $549 million worth of aircraft assets for the Afghan Air Force, all of which were then sold “at “scrap” value of a rockbottom $40,257,” and others.

Paul’s report also had $2.4 million for production of a film about dinosaurs intended to inspire middle schoolers, $11.3 million that was sent to instructing “the Vietnamese people to stop burning their trash” and $465,339 in research grants to investigate “pigeons gambling habits” as a method to understand human gambling addiction.

“No matter how much money has already been wasted, Washington politicians keep demanding more be spent,” the report said.

This comes at a time when Americans are suffering due to skyhigh inflation. The price of gas, food, and even rent is now higher than ever. Democrats and Joe Biden have refused to accept full responsibility for this problem. They have refused to admit that the recent trillion dollar relief programs, which clearly were wasted away, are to blame for the inflation. Instead, they have worked hard to pass yet another trillion dollar bill that will almost undoubtedly also be filled with fraud. If one were a betting man, I would say the Democrats are trying to bankrupt America on purpose.

Author: Blake Ambrose