Psyop Officer Linked To Capitol Protest

Photograph: AP

A psychological operations officer is now being investigated by the Army after she led a group to last week’s rally, which eventually turned into a deadly shooting in the Capitol building.

Captain Emily Rainey, 30, was the leader of a group of at least 100 people from North Carolina. She led the group to Washington, D.C. to support President Trump and “stand against voter fraud.” Rainey claimed she was within military rules and that the group, named the Moore County Citizens for Freedom, did nothing illegal.

“I did everything within my rights as a private citizen.” Rainey said.

Rainey claimed the group left the Capitol area and went back to their busses before the curfew was enacted and they were unaware of anyone who went into the Capitol Building.

She doubled down that her group is full of “law-abiding, peace-loving people who were using their First Amendment rights.”

Rainey is a member of a Psychological Operations Group that manipulates information to change the actions and emotions of America’s enemies. According to Maj. Daniel Lessard, a Special Forces Spokesperson, Rainey is stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

“I told my superiors where I was going, I didn’t hide it,” Rainey said.

Members of the military are allowed to join political events when not in uniform, but they are not allowed to sponsor partisan organizations. Rainey said she did not reveal her military connection with the group and that her bosses had not asked her about her trip to D.C.

She was recently charged with property damage after recording herself removing caution tape from a playground that was closed because of coronavirus. Police said Rainey received two warnings for removing tape from the park before this incident.

The Moore County Citizens for Freedom is a coalition of citizens who promote conservative values through “activism and education,” according to their Facebook information.