Psaki Tried to Bash Gov DeSantis–so He Fired Back, Hard

It’s pretty strange how much Democrats hate Florida. Considering, it’s the first place they go to when they want to go on vacation. Joe Biden, his administration, and numerous D.C. Dems criticized Florida Gov. DeSantis and his hysteria-free approach to COVID. He dropped all mandates, opened the state, and focused on treatment.

For that, the left branded him a killer.

In a dirty, underhanded move, Biden’s FDA recently suspended approval for monoclonal antibody treatment. Florida has been one of the top states using these treatments to save lives. But suddenly, with little explanation, they were gone. Recently, the White House press secretary blasted DeSantis, making several questionable claims. So, Ron fired back.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) held a roundtable discussion Wednesday and blasted White House press secretary Jen Psaki for lying about Florida’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus, as well as the effectiveness of monoclonal antibody treatments, asserting she “lies through her teeth every single day” in her efforts to prop up the regime’s actions…

“The White House press secretary stands in front of that podium and lies through her teeth every single day and usually about the state of Florida. The other day, she said Florida hasn’t done enough to get schools open,” DeSantis began.

“…We were the only big state to have every school district open for in-person, and we did that way before Biden was even president. We didn’t need the Biden stimulus money for that. We did it. We opened them, and yet they’re saying Florida didn’t do it,” he said, pointing to the cool closures across the country. [Source: Breitbart]

Psaki claimed DeSantis did not prioritize vaccines. That was a bald-faced lie. DeSantis personally encouraged people to get the vaccine, especially the most vulnerable populations. Psaki later claimed that Florida has failed to keep schools open. That’s when DeSantis let her have it.

He said the White House’s press secretary “lies through her teeth.” He made it clear that Florida reopened their schools before everyone else. That they’ve been working to make their schools safe before Biden was president and without the federal government’s money. He also blasted Psaki for pushing false talking points that promote a political agenda.

It’s pretty odd how much the White House is targetting Florida. But it makes sense when you think about it. The left has perpetuated a false narrative about COVID from the beginning, one that Biden used to get elected. Yet Florida’s approach to the disease has always defied their claims. And it’s working.

If Psaki or the White House admitted Florida was on the right track and that others should follow, they would be giving up the hysteria, mandate-driven approach they keep pushing. They would have to admit they were wrong from the start. And it would give Republicans plenty of reasons to brag.

So, Psaki refuses to admit that, even when she knows it is true.

Author: Bo Dogan