Psaki Throws a Hissy Fit When Asked This Simple Question

Despite the fact that there is overflowing evidence that it has been Democrats and people on the left calling to defund the police for the past year, Psaki and other people in the Biden team cannot stop lying. Just two days ago, Psaki said it was really the Republicans who were defunding the police due to voting against Biden’s agenda-filled American Rescue Plan. It is not even a question about if it was Democrats, but it reveals how willing they are to try to change reality, as though no one will remember the past year.

But the Biden White House’s internal polls must be giving them terrible numbers revealing the Democrats are getting hit by reality. So Psaki was at it again today, still attempting to make the same claim despite her being decimated for doing so over the past couple of days.

Peter Doocy from Fox News traps her very easily. He asks her one simple question, “Which Republican said they didn’t support the American Rescue Plan because they sought to defund the police?” The answer is not one Republican has ever said they wanted to defund the police. But there have been many liberals and Democrat lawmakers who have said it and attempted to do it, and pulled funding from police.

Psaki responded by jumping on the crazy train, saying that Biden ran on a pledge to fund the police and that the GOP tried to remove funding for the COPs program. Sure, that is why he allied with the BLM at the Democratic Convention. That is why he would not even condemn them.

Psaki then went even further down the gutter. She said that Republicans not accepting the Democrats’ agenda-filled bill is why some cities laid off officers and there was an increase in crime.

The Democrats see that they are losing with the rise in crime. That is why they are so desperate to spin the narrative. Rising crime is something that resonates with everyone. They see that is happening and they are not liking it. But Psaki and the rest of Biden’s team is hoping they can spin this out of the hands of Democrats and onto Republicans. But that will never happen.

Author: Blake Ambrose