Psaki Pushed Into a Corner, Forced To Admit This Humiliating Truth

Contrary to what they would like people to believe, the Texas Dems who got onto a private jet complete with Miller Lite cases on Monday and went to Washington, D.C. in a drive to stop an election reform bill are not brave and they certainly are not heroes making great sacrifices for civil rights.

Also contrary to what the Biden White House want people to think, the item that was being discussed was not a “voter suppression” as the current Texas Governor stressed in his explainer about the bill yesterday.

But one key part of the actions of the Texas Dems is that what they did was effectively a filibuster. Though they left their supporters by leaving the state, the idea was for this running away to stop the bill from going forward, which is exactly what a filibuster does.

With the Democratic position on the filibuster being abolished, and President Biden’s changing views on the issue, Peter Doocy from Fox News challenged WH press secretary Jen Psaki on the topic, and got her to admit the truth about Biden supporting the Texas Democrats’ underhanded and even illegal tactic.


What went down during this exchange were two items that could haunt Biden and his team and even Democrats in 2022.

To begin with, Democrats have desperately tried to make Texas blue, but my feeling is that there are plenty of old-school Democrats who don’t appreciate their state lawmakers running away even if they agree with them on the election bill. Suggesting Biden agrees with what they did could be another thing that backfires on Democrats as they try to turn Texas blue going forward.

Secondly, Psaki has essentially admitted that Joe Biden supports using whatever can be done to stall bills that Democrats oppose. Republicans can use this argument against him during future attempts to reform or abolish the filibuster.

On another note, Doocy’s record on cornering Psaki into making important admissions like this is very impressive. I have lost count on the amount of times he has done so, but we’ve wrote about many of them on this site.

Author: Blake Ambrose