Psaki Panics, Tries To Sidestep The Perfect Question About Biden

Following angry remarks from Biden this Tuesday, White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki spoke to reporters but would not answer crucial questions while trying to spin the administration’s mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Addressing criticism from the families of the 13 heroes who were killed in Afghanistan amid Biden’s terribly managed withdrawal, Psaki said “the President’s message to all the family who were there or not, is that he is grateful to their sons and daughters for their sacrifice. That he understands, firsthand, what it is like to lose a son.”

Psaki would not answer questions about videos revealing the President checking the time during the transfer ceremony at the Dover Air Force Base.

She also would not give any answer to the news that an Afghan translator who saved Biden 13 years ago was left behind inside Afghanistan other than the usual reply of “we will get you out,” despite this promise already being broken once.

With hundreds of American citizens and thousands of allies still stuck in Afghanistan, Psaki again repeated that the fates of those people left behind were at the mercy of the Taliban.

“We have great leverage over the Taliban, including in the global marketplace,” Psaki said as she explained why the Taliban would follow an agreement to allow safe passage for Americans or Afghans seeking to leave the nation.

“The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that made it certain what our expectation is,” she added before saying that the United States “will keep” its “engagement with the Taliban” as it also watches their actions. Specifically, Psaki pledged that the U.S. and over 100 other countries would watch how the Taliban treats its people and upholds their human rights, two areas in which the Taliban has a bad track record.

Even worse, Psaki stated that the White House is not preparing for any possible hostage situation should Americans end up being captured by the Taliban or ISIS-K. She said that Biden is focused on “making certain to the Taliban and others in the nation of Afghanistan that we are going to get these Americans out.”

Author: Blake Ambrose