Psaki Gets Testy During Presser — Quickly Regrets it

Fox News journalist Peter Doocy hit back on Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki when she chuckled at one of his questions.

Doocy inquired about the CDC recommendations about managing migrant facilities and reopening schools during Wednesday’s briefing, saying that while the facilities were opened at full capacity, many schools were still not open at all.

Psaki promptly responded to Doocy’s point, asking whether he had a certain school to use as an example, saying that for a school to reopen, the CDC says there are a series of mitigation steps that must be taken before a school can safely open.

“The CDC gave eight steps that schools can use to reopen safely,” Psaki said, noting that some schools had already followed these procedures and reopened. She also stated that some schools were holding out for funding, which she promised was on the way.

Doocy went for seconds, asking whether getting cooperation from the border patrol unions had been harder or easier than getting the cooperation of teachers unions.

“I believe that’s mixing different situations,” Psaki said, prompting Doocy to make the perfect point that both involved kids in tight spaces during covid-19.

Psaki seemed to laugh at that point, and Doocy snapped back, “It’s not funny.”

“Not quite, I would ask to have a responsible view of both issues,” Psaki went on, saying that schools would depend on the preparations of each district.

“That is different than the situation at the border,” Psaki ended by saying the facilities were also being looked at to be sure they met the CDC’s guidelines.