Psaki Desperately Dodges Border Accusations, Finds Unsuspecting Scapegoat

When President Trump entered office, the border was far from under control. During his administration, he created numerous policies that secured it like never before. He built much of the border wall. He struck deals with Central American countries. He directed ICE to deport criminal aliens. And got Mexico to keep asylum seekers as they awaited their trials.

All that ended the moment Joe Biden entered office. He deliberately canceled these and other policies, stopping Border agents, DHS, CBP, and others from enforcing and protecting the border. It should not be a surprise to learn that thousands have rushed the border in just a few weeks. In fact, they were gearing up for the trip before Biden even had a plan. And it seems Biden never developed a plan, because the border is a mess.

Even the liberal media is noticing the crisis. Children are once again being separated from their families (something Trump had ended). Detention centers are overcrowded. COVID-positive migrants are being released into the country. The government has run out of room to hold these aliens. And more are coming.

But instead of admitting they created this situation through utter stupidity, the administration has the gall to blame… Donald Trump?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed the allegedly appalling treatment of migrant children in President Joe Biden’s southern border detention facilities on former President Donald Trump as the rapidly escalating border crisis, which experts have said is President Joe Biden’s fault, continues to spiral out of control…

“We are trying to work through what was a dismantled and unprepared system because of the role of the last administration,” Psaki said…

“Well, Yamiche, it’s not acceptable,” Psaki responded. “But I think the challenge here is that there are not that many options.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Do Psaki and Biden really believe we are going to accept this load of horse crap? She claims the system was “dismantled and unprepared.” That is the opposite of the truth. Donald Trump had a well-organized, properly-functioning system at the border. He implemented numerous policies to ensure there wouldn’t be the very type of crisis we are seeing right now.

Joe Biden deliberately dismantled the system. He was unprepared, with no new policies for handling the sudden flood of aliens we all knew would come. To say that everything that is happening right now is the result of Trump—who prioritized securing the border—is one of the biggest lies ever told.

Psaki claims “there are not that many options.” Really? Because there were plenty of options just a few months ago. Donald Trump had agreements with countries that ensured migrants had to apply for asylum in the first country they reached. Those that hit the U.S. border had to wait in Mexico, so our centers weren’t overcrowded. And he was building a robust border fencing system, to discourage smugglers and criminals.

No options? It was Biden who scrapped all of that, to encourage illegal immigration. Don’t burn down the house and blame it on someone else, Psaki. Joe Biden created the humanitarian crisis at the border. And he’s doing nothing to help it.

Nobody is being fooled.