Psaki Crashes And Burns Trying To Defend Biden’s Lies

All the controversy surrounding Georgia’s recent election law was only made worse when Joe Biden opened his mouth. The Democrat, who has a history of making stuff up, made several claims about the law. He said the law shortened the time people had to vote. That was a lie. He claimed it was “Jim Crow on steroids.” Also, not true.

Thanks to Joe, numerous false claims about the much-needed voter law were spread through the fake news media. It sparked attempts to boycott the state from liberal-controlled companies, including Delta Airlines, MLB, and other corporations.

But news traveled fast that Biden’s claims were as legitimate as his presidency. The sleepy old man had made up much of what he said. As usual, he refuses to acknowledge his attacks on Georgia’s voting law (which are far less severe than Colorado’s, the new location for the MLB All Star Game) were bunk. And his White House can even respond to simple questions.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer multiple questions on Monday related to Georgia’s new election security law, including debunked claims that President Joe Biden has repeatedly made and whether Biden regretted his support for Major League Baseball boycotting the state after one county said that it will lose more than $100 million in revenue…

Psaki deflected from answering the question which led to the reporter again noting that what Biden has said has been determined by election law experts to be false. “So I’m just curious if he’s going to stop saying that?” the reporter pressed.

“Well, again, I think the fact checkers will also tell you that this bill does not make it easier for people across the state of Georgia to vote, and that’s where he has concerns,” Psaki responded as she again refused to answer the question. [Source: Daily Wire]

When asked direct questions about Biden’s contribution to the Georgia controversy, Psaki just deflected. A reporter wanted answers about Biden’s outright lie that the law restricts voter hours for working people. Psaki dodged that as well and made the claim that the law “does not make it easier” for people to vote.

How, Jen? You can’t make such a damning claim against an entire state without backing it with facts. The major point of the law requires Georgia residents to show proof of identity before acquiring and submitting an absentee ballot. That seems pretty fair. We don’t want people taking ballots that don’t belong to them, right?

That’s not making it “harder” for people to vote, but harder for people to cheat.

Is that what Psaki is saying? Democracy is not democracy unless there’s room for massive voter fraud?

The White House spox also refused to address Biden’s involvement in MLB’s bogus decision to “punish” Georgia by moving their draft and All Star game from the state. Experts say that will cost Cobb County—which went for Biden in 2020—as much as $100 million in revenue.

Gee, you think Biden would have something to say about that. After all, another administration staff smugly gloated about that the day before, saying “that was the point.” Yet Jen doesn’t want to talk about a move that punishes American citizens, even after they voted for Joe.

I guess the White House doesn’t really have answers for anything Joe says or does?

Author: Joe Blum