Psaki Confronted For Her Ridiculous Excuses — She Doesn’t Take It Well

Mainstream liberal reporters confronted Jen Psaki after she avoided questions about the abusive environment of Kamala Harris’ office.

Harris came under scrutiny in recent weeks after many reports say there is a toxic environment within her office.

“Harris’ team has low morale, bad lines of communication and lowered trust among senior officials and aides,” Politico recently said. “During interviews, 22 former and current VP aides and officials of Harris and Biden say there is a tense and at times dour atmosphere inside the office.”

During the latest White House press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki if the Biden Admin. is worried about the accusations of an “abusive environment” inside Harris’ office.

Psaki responded by saying, “I always try not to engage or speak on anonymous sources or anonymous reports.”

But this is not really true, according to Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg. In fact, Jacobs, who covers the Biden Administration, stated that Psaki has engaged in “anonymous briefings” before.

“‘I always try not to engage or speak on anonymous sources or anonymous reports,’ says Jen Psaki, whose team routinely carries out anonymous briefings on issues in the news,” Jacobs said.

Psaki reacted quickly by claiming a difference between those anonymous briefings and Administration staffers handing out anonymous accounts of the accused “abusive environment” in the VP’s office.

“I believe everyone understands the difference between attacking a person as an anonymous source and giving details about a policy change to reporters to give information and answer journalist questions,” Psaki said.

But even reporters from liberal news outlets like Bloomberg are having issues with this statement.

Bloomberg’s Gregory Korte said: “Arguably giving anonymity to people who might lose their jobs for speaking to the press is more defendable than anonymity for someone whose job role consists of speaking to the press.”

Author: Blake Ambrose