Psaki Can’t Stop Squirming When Asked This Question About Biden

At this point, even the MSM is admitting the crisis at the border. The footage of 10,000+ Haitian migrants hiding under a bridge made it pretty hard to keep denying it. It seems they were fine with Mexican and South American people rushing the border. But for people all the way from Haiti to be getting here—it must be really bad.

The chaos surrounding that mass of invaders has forced the press to once again demand answers from Biden. But the “president’s” marked silence on the issue has people wondering if he even knows what’s going on. One reporter pressed the White House if Biden has even visited the border once? And the administration could not give an answer.

Following a testy exchange over how the Biden administration was handling the massive influx of Haitian immigrants… Doocy pivoted to ask simply whether or not Biden had visited the border…

“In his life?” Psaki appeared to be momentarily taken aback by the question. “I will have to look back in my history books and check the times he’s been to the southern border.”

… Doocy pointed out that Biden, like many presidents before him, liked to go himself to the epicenters of issues such as hurricanes or wildfires in order to “see for himself firsthand what the needs are of the local communities so that he can have an informed POV to make policies.”

Doocy then asked why Biden wouldn’t just go to Del Rio himself to get a clear picture of what was going on and what was needed. [Source: Daily Caller]

Doocy revealed that there has been no record of Biden ever visiting the border, neither as now, as VP, as a senator, or even a “concerned citizen.” Psaki was clearly not ready for him to have done his homework and she did not have a real answer for him.

Instead, she fell back on her false talking points, claiming the “situation” at the border was the result of a “broken system.” Yeah, a system that Joe Biden broke himself! We all know the border was under control when Trump was president. His policies prevented illegal entry and encouraged immigrants to come here legally.

It was Biden who deliberately removed any measures that kept the border safe. And he continues to turn a blind eye to the millions who are bombarding our border. Doocy’s question is pretty important. So far, Biden has thrown other people at the crisis, be they Harris or Mayorkas. But he has not gotten involved once.

It sparks concerns over whether Biden even cares about this growing crisis or not. Or if he even knows what is going on. We all know that Biden’s information is tightly controlled by a group of handlers in the White House. Some people worry this same group is making decisions for him. If Biden is really in charge, why hasn’t he visited the border himself?

According to Doocy, he’s never gone there. It seems like the man, in all his life, never cared about our border, nor the dangers it poses unprotected.

Of course, a flunky like Psaki would have nothing real to say about that.

Author: Mark Graham