Psaki Admits President Biden’s Embarrassing Problem

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said on a podcast released on Thursday that President Biden taking random questions from reporters “is not recommended.”

Psaki made this admission while talking to CNN Political Commentator David Axelrod on his podcast “The Axe Files,” and said she even tells President Biden to not accept journalist questions.

The two discussed the topic when Axelrod asked about an incident where Biden randomly ran into reporter Kaitlan Collins, who then asked if a minimum wage boost to $15 would be inside the March coronavirus program.

Axelrod said that Biden responded that he did not think it would be included in the bill, but him revealing this to Collins must have given Psaki a headache. He then asked how she managed issues like that.

Psaki laughed and said it happened after she was gone and Biden was returning to his residence. She then said Biden takes questions a lot because “he is in front of the press almost every day.”

“That is not a recommended thing. A lot of times we say ‘don’t accept questions,'” she said. “But he will do what he wants to do because he is the president.”

Psaki then claimed the administration kept itself from getting distracted by not having the President do more press conferences.

President Biden attended his first solo press event on the 65th day of his term, after criticism from the normally supportive media for waiting so long to have one.

This day was the longest a president had gone without a press event after entering the White House since President Coolidge in the 1920s.

Author: Blake Ambrose