Proof: ‘Duplicated’ Ballots Are At The Heart Of Trump’s Stolen Election

There is a reason why Democrats have opposed Arizona’s audit of the 2020 presidential election. Had there been no problems whatsoever (as they claim), then why be afraid of an audit? All they’ll find is perfectly legal ballots—and no signs of fraud.

But we all know that is hogwash. Arizona was one of the top states embroiled in the 2020 controversy. The state refused to announce its results on Election Night and mysteriously dragged out the process. A mountain of evidence finally pushed the state to conduct an aggressive audit of 2020 ballots, which is coming to a close.

Although the final audit is not finished yet, we are learning about what they have already uncovered. And at least on discovery casts doubt on the entire election.

A state official in Arizona on Thursday said the state Senate’s audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results revealed “potentially thousands” of missing serial numbers on ballot copies that had been duplicated from damaged originals…

“If a ballot gets damaged and has to be sent to duplication, there is a very specific process in the [state] elections procedure manual,” he said. That process involves applying matching serial numbers to both original and duplicated ballots…

During his testimony, state Senate President Karen Fann asked Bennet: “If the corresponding numbers aren’t on there, how would you know whether it was duplicated once or ten times?” To which Bennett responded: “You wouldn’t.” [Source: Just the News]

This is pretty serious. The audit has discovered that perhaps thousands of ballots from the 2020 election lack serial numbers. When a ballot is damaged, election workers are supposed to make a duplicate, copying over the original’s serial number (to verify it, etc.).

But apparently thousands don’t have serial numbers, meaning we have no idea if these ballots are legitimate. As the senate president asked, there is no way to know if a ballot was duplicated once or ten times.

This raises many serious questions. First, how could thousands of ballots not have been properly duplicated? Putting aside the worry over why so many were damaged in the first place, shouldn’t election workers know to copy the serial numbers? That seems to be more than a glaring mistake. Second, why were these ballots counted, if they were missing serial numbers?

They should have been rejected, or at least set-aside and left uncounted, because of this. Yet, for some reason, Arizona’s election officials thought it was okay to count questionable ballots—for a race as important as the presidential election.

This comes as at least one state senator, Wendy Rogers, called for a new presidential election, demanding Arizona’s elector be recalled. And this is before the audit is finalized.

I wonder what will be discovered, once all the details come in? In many of the states that had “irregularities” that impacted the election, there was always more than one issue that cast doubt on their results. Missing serial numbers on thousands of ballots would be enough to sway the election. I wonder what else they’ll find?

Author: Timothy Jones