Progressives Turn On Biden–Attack Him Over Supreme Court Pick

Aw, you know, sometimes irony is delicious. We know that the left pressured Stephen Breyer to retire to save Biden’s failing presidency. They were hoping a Supreme Court pick would help buoy Joe’s flagging approval—and perhaps the entire party’s bleak 2022 prospects. But they shot themselves in the foot when they said the replacement would be a woman of color.

That blatant attempt at race-baiting has not gone over well with Americans. Biden essentially is saying we shouldn’t care that Americans can’t afford food or gas, or can’t even go to work or send their kids to school. He’s picking a black lady to be on the Supreme Court! That’s the only thing that matters, right?

But as it turns out, even the rabid progressives he’s bowing to aren’t even satisfied.

President Joe Biden’s vow to put the first black woman on the Supreme Court continued to backfire this week when Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) accused him of “pitting Black women against each other.” […]

The president’s vow to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court has not exactly gone over well with Americans, including Democrats. In fact, a recent ABC News-Ipsos poll showed that more than three-quarters of Americans (76 percent) want the president to consider “all possible nominees” when replacing Justice Stephen Breyer, while only 23 percent want him to honor his pledge of nominating the first black woman to the court. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden’s torched his party and reputation, just to make the radical left happy. And yet they still attack him and oppose him, even when he does what they want him to do. Deranged activist Cori Bush—who pretends to be a legit congresswoman—complained that Biden’s decision to pick a black woman for the court was “pitting black women against each other.”

Really? Isn’t he doing whatever Bernie Sanders’ handlers are telling him to do? Yet the insane socialists that are running the Democratic Party these days are still complaining?

We’re not sure if these Marxists will ever be happy—short of seeing America in ruins. It’s clear their goals aren’t “equity” or “social justice.” Because even when things go their way, they are upset. These are the same people, mind you, that encouraged violent riots in 2020. The same people who bailed out looters and thugs who burned down major U.S. cities.

Bush claims they need a justice who supports “criminal justice reform.” Which is code for someone who would eliminate bail, put dangerous criminals back on the streets, and encourage violent crime.

Biden’s decision isn’t going over well with Americans. A new poll destroyed his agenda, with 76% of Americans wanting him to consider all candidates, not just black women.

It doesn’t seem that any he does is working. Maybe he should just retire before Republicans give him the boot?

Author: Sid Samuel