Power-Hungry Democrats In Shock About What’s Happening In Georgia

In Georgia, legislators moved forward with a bill that if signed into law by GOP Governor Brian Kemp would give parents more direct control over what their kids are learning in the public schools.

According to Just the News, the Georgia senate passed  House Bill 1178 with a vote of 31-22 on Friday. The bill created a “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” which supporters claim allows parents appropriate remedy if they disagree with the curriculum being taught in their local public schools.

The Georgia house of representatives passed House Bill 57 with a majority of 98 to 68.

According to the Georgia House of Representatives, the bill will “provide for a review of the removal of pupils in elementary and secondary education, so as to safeguard the fundamental right of parents to control the education and upbringing of their children from undue infringement by a local or state government entity, board of education, or any officer or employee thereof.”

The group Frontline Policy Action, which according to its website promotes “God-honoring laws that protect family values and promote freedom for Georgians,” took to Facebook to express its approval of the bill.

“This bill will ratify parental rights as fundamental in state law and support parents’ control over their children’s education,” the group added. “Once signed into law by the governor, this legislation will codify parental authority as a constitutional right and expand parents’ control over their kids’ schooling.”

Kemp is widely expected to sign the legislation, which was approved by both chambers of the Georgia legislature over the weekend.

“Parents have a legal right to be actively involved in their child’s education,” said Kemp. “This bill will promote transparency in education by encouraging a parental- educator partnership.”

This legislation has passed through the Georgia legislature in the midst of similar laws in its neighboring state of Florida, which have attracted national attention.

DeSantis signed a law called the “Parental Rights in Education” after which The Walt Disney Company — one of Florida’s largest employers — stated that it would pursue a repeal or overturning of the bill.

Author: Scott Dowdy