Pompeo Slams Biden For Endangering America

Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State has said President Biden’s agenda to rejoin the Iran deal would undermine U.S. national security.

“If this White House unwinds that and returns to the deal we had under President Obama, America will be less safe. Israel will be less safe,” Pompeo said. “The entire area will be less stable.”

During Sunday’s interview, Pompeo said Iran’s leaders do not understand diplomacy and only understand strength. He went on to say Biden’s attempts to negotiate with them will result in America being used, yet again.

“President Trump was clear about this, about this being our future direction, that we would do right by our allies,” Pompeo said. “I believe the Iranians now think they can threaten us and get things in exchange for doing nothing.”

Pompeo restated that Iran is hoping that President Biden will ignore its aggressive actions. If that does happen, future aggression will only increase in size.