Pompeo Hangs Fauci Out To Dry Over COVID Coverup Scandal

It’s safe to say the sun has set on Anthony Fauci’s celebrity status. The man was once propped up by the establishment media as some kind of savior. They hung on his every word about the pandemic and took his advice as gospel. But even the left-leaning media is turning on the man, as this scandal continues to heat up.

Emails acquired by various news outlets reveal Fauci was far less knowledgeable about the virus than he let on. He flip-flopped several times on key decisions that were supposed to keep Americans safe. But perhaps the biggest revelation coming to light was his denial of the Wuhan lab leak theory. Early on, evidence suggested the deadly virus came from the Chinese lab–but Fauci appeared to try to cover it up.

There were plenty of leaders who, early last year, knew otherwise. But they were ignored by the media, despite their position to know the facts. One of those people was Mike Pompeo. Now, the former Secretary of State is calling out Fauci, accusing him of pushing politics rather than medical science.

“So I’ve seen some of the emails. What really matters here is — when it mattered most, when the Chinese were covering this up in January of 2020, Dr. Fauci certainly would have seen the same intelligence that I saw. We would certainly have known that the risk that this came from the laboratory was real; we would have known that the Chinese Communist Party didn’t want any of us to know that, and that raised red flags throughout the entire United States government for far too long.

“Dr. Fauci let those of us who were out there talking about it carry the mantle. We couldn’t get science; we got politics instead, and that’s what you saw in the left-wing media. You saw politics trumping science, and that delayed our capacity to respond to what the Chinese Communist Party foisted upon the world.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The State Department was the first official agency to reveal the possibility that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan lab. But their warnings were quickly shut down by the media and men like Fauci. It seems like the liberal media didn’t want to point too harsh a finger at China, because their parent companies do business with the communist nation.

But why would Fauci try to obscure that possibility? What would he stand to gain from protecting China and their lab? As we’ve learned previously, Fauci’s institute had been funding the Wuhan lab. And during Senate hearings, it came to light that Fauci himself might have been aware of their dangerous experiments with viruses.

Does that mean Fauci himself could be held responsible for the pandemic? Maybe. At the very least, he might be held accountable for how he influenced the country early on. By denying the lab leak theory, he put the country at risk.

Pompeo accused him of pushing politics over science. Fauci, eager to please the left, was all too happy to contradict the Trump administration and anything that made China look bad. He was just as dishonest as the media who said calling it the “China virus” was racist. He seemed more concerned with spreading fear and hysteria, than logical facts.

We can’t say what will happen next for Fauci. But don’t be surprised if Republicans call for investigations.

Author: Mark Jones