Political Insider Says America Could Soon Have a New Kind Of War

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott said this Sunday that the open border crisis is moving into a border war as “aggressive” cartels fire at National Guard soldiers stationed at the southern border.

“I have to say there is something that’s going on that is getting even worse and that is the cartels are becoming more aggressive and the cartels, they are opening fire on the National Guard in Texas that is there to protect the southern border,” Abbott said to Fox News. “This shooting is escalating into a shooting war on the different sides of the border where our National Guard are defending themselves and the state of Texas.”

“Everyone saw what occurred in Del Rio about the Haitians that flooded in,” the governor said, as he said the current “hot point” on the Texas border is “in Roma … and that is the area where the drug cartels on the Mexican side of the southern border are firing at the National Guard who are on the Texas side. And so what Texas is doing, is we are stepping up and guarding multiple points along the whole border.”

The governor said the problem cannot compare to Oct. 2020. “One year ago, which was still during the Trump White House and the Trump team had put into place the policies that caused the greatest decrease in cross-border crossings,” he said, adding that “now, we are seeing the highest number of cross-border crossings and it is all due to Biden’s catastrophic open border policies and we are seeing more people come in.”

Dem Mayor of Laredo, Texas, Pete Saenz said in Sept. that border security worked under Trump.

Brandon Judd, the current president of the National Border Patrol Council, said back in April, “Nobody did more to help organized crime than President Joe Biden.”

The Biden White House will bring back Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy in Nov. after a federal judge agreed to a demand from Missouri and Texas that the policy be restarted.

As Biden’s open border policy continues to harm America, even independents are starting to see that Trump had it right on the border.

Author: Blake Ambrose