Police Officer Who Was In The Capitol “Riot” Mysteriously Dies

A police officer who was among those who responded to the Jan. 6 Capitol event has died by suicide last week, July 29, the Metro Police Dept. of Washington, D.C., has confirmed on Monday.

“Officer Gunther Hashida, who worked within the Emergency Response Team of Special Operations, was found dead in his home on Thursday of last week,” MPD spokeswoman Kristen Metzger said to reporters. “We are grieving as a Dept. and our prayers are with Officer Hashida’s loved ones.”

Hashida joined MPD back in 2003, Metzger said. He is the third officer who responded to the Capitol protest to now suddenly die by alleged suicide. Officers Jeffrey Smith and Howard Liebengood also died by suicide after the riot, then-Police Chief Robert Contee testified to Congress. Smith’s death was previously unreported.

“Two officers who were present at the Capitol on Jan. 6th, one from the Capitol Police and one from the MPD, committed suicide after that battle,” Contee testified. “We honor those sacrifices of Officers Howard Liebengood, Jeffery Smith and Brian Sicknick and give condolences to all the people who are grieving.”

Sicknick passed away of a stroke the day after the Jan. 6th protest. A medical examiner said that his death was because of natural causes, and did not connect it to the protest.

Three Capitol officers and one MPD officer also testified to the Jan. 6 Committee recently.

“What we went through on that day was like a medieval battle,” Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell testified. “We fought by hand… I remember thinking that ‘this is how I will die.’”

This all comes at a time when more pressure is mounting on Democrats to release the video surveillance tapes of what really happened that day. Something they have refused to do and many Republicans have not even mentioned.

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s commission hearings are being used to build a narrative that will be used to target White Trump supporters under the guise of “White Nationalist Terrorists.” Some Republicans are responding by demanding to know why Nancy Pelosi failed to secure the capitol on that day, demands that might be a clear cut example of redirecting conservatives away from the truth which is hidden inside the surveillance footage.

Author: Steven Sinclaire