Police Have Enough Of Extreme Democrats, Issue These Demands

The police chief of Detroit has said that Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D) needs to resign after she called for “no more policing.”

During an interview this weekend, Chief James Craig said the Democratic congresswoman was “reckless” and said she should resign and that he would even hold a goodbye party for her.

Craig’s comments come after remarks made by Tlaib recently, where she urged an end to police and said police officers were racist, after the shooting of Duante Wright.

Craig also stated that Tlaib does not speak for all minorities.

“You know if I said things like this, they would be pushing for my resignation., Craig said. “Let her resign. You talk about removing police incarceration and then you talk about safety, what do the people of Detroit want? I talk to them. Is she representing these people or an extreme group?”

Author: Steven Sinclaire