[PICS] Leaked Photos Prove Pelosi Is Nothing But a Compulsive Liar

Photos given exclusively to conservative reporters reveal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi walking around maskless at a packed indoor event, just one day after President Joe Biden urged every American to again start to use masks while indoors.

The photos seem to reveal Pelosi at a D.C. party being put on by the California State Society with people surrounding Pelosi, including one child, using masks — but Pelosi’s mask is simply not there.

The event reportedly happened at the Museum of American History. Tickets for the event said that all attendees over two are now required to have a mask.

A source within DC who got the pictures and passed them to conservative reporters said security personnel at the event requested that they put on their masks as soon as they entered the event.

Pelosi’s maskless stunt comes only one day after President Joe Biden demanded that Americans start using masks indoors again, even if they are vaccinated.

“Sooner or later we will see cases of this new variant in the country,” Biden said. “Please use your mask when you are indoors, in public places around other people.”

A message sent to every ticket holder for the museum event attended by Nancy Pelosi said all attendees should wear masks, including kids.

“All visitors ages two or older should wear masks while going to the Smithsonian museum and other indoor spaces, regardless of vaccination status.”

It is not the first time the Democratic speaker has ignored the same restrictive coronavirus rules pushed by her own party.

During the height of the lockdowns in California, a maskless Nancy Pelosi went to a local hair salon in San Francisco for service, even with the fact that the Dem California government had forced salons to close their doors to customers for many months, and specifically told salons to restrict their lengthy blow-drying because of the spread of germs.

Joe Biden himself has routinely been caught flouting his own recommendations to mask when around others. The latest event happened only two days ago, when pictures emerged of the President going maskless inside a Massachusetts store.

Despite this, the White House is still insisting that Joe Biden is not ignoring official mask guidelines.

Author: Scott Dowdy