Pence Goes After Biden With Brutal Evidence of Corruption

Who is really responsible for what is going on in Israel, right now? Well, the media and international community might have their opinions. But we all know how much they’re worth.

The left is blaming Israel for attacking Palestine, even though Palestine’s Hamas triggered the conflict. Everything Israel is doing is to take out this terrorist group’s ability to harm innocent lives.

It’s a sad state of affairs, mainly because just a few years ago, the Middle East saw history unfold. Israel was making new agreements with once hostile nations. They were creating economic relations with the UAE and other major Arab powers. That was made possible, thanks to the Trump administration.

So, why does it now seem like we’re a hair’s breadth away from total destruction? Mike Pence knows why. And he’s not pulling any punches.

Former Vice President Mike Pence released a video statement Tuesday, from Advancing American Freedom, his new policy and advocacy organization, blaming President Joe Biden and his administration for the Israel and Gaza conflict due to his lack of strength…

He explained that Israel has been seeing unprovoked violence for more than a week from the terrorist group Hamas, asserting that this was able to happen from the weakness Biden shows while in office. Pence said, “Biden has replaced strength with weakness, moral clarity with confusion, and loyalty with betrayal.” [Source: Breitbart]

The strength and determination of the Trump/Pence administration have been replaced by two buffoons in bad suits. When Biden first entered office, he didn’t even bother to speak with Israel’s prime minister. It was months before a call was arranged. Most of the time, Biden dumps his international work onto Harris—a woman so dumb she doesn’t deserve to serve in public office.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Hamas took this chance to hammer Israel. They know that Biden won’t show the kind of strength and resolve of Donald Trump. Had they tried his under Trump’s gaze, there wouldn’t be a Palestine right now.

But Biden? He offers lip service to Israel and some obligatory support, but has done very little to show the world where he stands.

Add to that the fact that the far-left in the Democratic Party hate Israel just as much as Hamas. The only vocal Democrats right now are crackpots Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who might as well be jihadists. They condemn Israel for defending itself as they try to paint a terrorist group as the victim.

Why hasn’t anyone else, including Biden, condemned Hamas and Palestine? Why are they seemingly letting this happen?

Pence is right. Biden is a weak man with zero moral clarity. He just does whatever the far-left of his party tells him to. Whatever integrity and vision he once had he gave up for a chance to become president.

Don’t be surprised if worse things happen around the world, on his watch.

Author: Matthew Smith