Pelosi’s Sneaky New Strategy Will Change Washington Forever

The Atlantic magazine this Tuesday put out an article saying that Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) will resign from her ranking role “in the not-so far off future.”

“Sometime in the not-so-far off future, probably after the incoming midterm elections, House Speaker Pelosi will announce that she is resigning” the Laurene Powell Jobs-owned news outlet wrote.

“Her top officials… want her job, but they are also in their 80s, and most Dems in and out of Congress are thinking they will step aside too. Of course, they all get the usual replies denying that anyone is ever getting the job,” the article said. “But the day is approaching.”

“Dem members of Congress will not speak about any of this publicly, as if Pelosi could suddenly appear and yank their hearts from their chests,” Atlantic said before giving their elevator pitch for the next House speaker. “Pretty much every Dem in Congress and beyond is confident that Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of NY will be the next speaker, if Democrats keep their majority next year.”

Similar statements of Pelosi’s resignation occurred in 2020, when USA Today put out a “fact check” article that went against rumors of Pelosi’s resignation contingent on the outcome of former President Trump’s second impeachment.

“Fact check: Pelosi will not resign if Trump is acquitted,” the title said.

Again, equivalent declarations came before the 2020 election saying that Pelosi would resign. “Social media was filled with content that claims Speaker Pelosi said that if Trump wins, she will resign,” Reuters said.

But the report went on, “Reuters could not find any account of Pelosi saying this. A statement of this kind by the speaker would have been well reported by news outlets.”

In 2020, calls for Pelosi to resign led to to debunk the idea of “fake headlines about Pelosi.”

“Many websites are spreading the story that House Speaker Pelosi ‘pledged to resign’ if President Trump is reelected. The story came from a website that calls its stories satire, but has since been spread as if it were accurate,” the site said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire