Pelosi’s Poor Treatment Of Soldiers Leads To Hospitalized Troops

Americans were stunned when they learned that thousands of National Guardsmen were called up to D.C. during the Inauguration. When they were needed, on January 6, they were nowhere to be found. But once any threat had passed, then Pelosi wanted this pointless show of force. Despite a lack of need, Democrats demanded that these soldiers stick around until the end of March.

We quickly learned that our government was treating our soldiers terribly. They were forced to sleep on office floors or in hallways. When Democrats wanted their buildings back, guardsmen were kicked out, forced to sleep in freezing garages, or literally in the streets. Even after public outcry, it appears their treatment hasn’t gotten much better.

Several states, including Texas and Florida, called their troops back. But many were forced to stay in Washington. Now, we are learning that their treatment has gotten even worse, as substandard food has forced some into the hospital.

At least one member of the Michigan National Guard was hospitalized with food poisoning from “substandard” items served to the men protecting the United States Capitol earlier this year, and others complained of tainted food, with some saying they found metal shavings and feathers in their provided meals…

But while the nation is spending millions to keep the Guard housed and fed while they protect the nation’s capital, National Guard members who have returned from duty say the military stationed in and around the Capitol is being mistreated…

An investigation turned up at least 59 victims of poor food, according to a private briefing given to Congress. Others were served substandard fare or given just snacks. [Source: Daily Wire]

Nancy Pelosi demands these troops stick around to protect cowards like AOC—and they can’t even feed them proper meals!? The government is spending millions of dollars, apparently, so that troops can sleep on cots and eat garbage.

Where is all that money going? Perhaps it’s being spent on the higher-ups, who get to enjoy lavish hotel suites and gourmet meals? It’s certainly not being used to take care of our soldiers, who don’t even need to be in D.C. in the first place.

Every American should be outraged by this news. Our soldiers are sworn to protect our country at all costs. The least the government can do is provide food for them—when they demand these troops stay deployed.

You might be wondering how metal shavings and other junk ended up in their food. I can’t say for sure. But when you cut corners, unconcerned for the well-being of the people you’re supposed to be providing for, anything can happen.

Neglect, incompetence, and a lack of oversight can lead to things like this. These soldiers are being ordered to protect our Capitol, but our government refuses to even feed them. How can this even be allowed?

The only remedy is for every state to call back their guardsmen. Let Pelosi protect herself.