Pelosi’s Jan 6 Committee Text Message Leakes — Destroys Their Entire Case

Did the RINO Liz Cheney just accidentally own the whole January 6 House panel by attempting to own team Trump?

Yes. It seems she did.

The Wyoming Republican, who we still say is a Republican even though she is not considered one by the Republicans in her home state, has turned into a full turncoat since the 2020 election after previously presenting herself as a loyalist to Trump.

However, we may say she has come full circle and the Jan. 6 committee’s ruthless campaign on Mark Meadows, someone who served as Trump’s chief of staff and whom they wanted held in criminal contempt over his refusal to go along with their subpoena.

Cheney just accidentally proved to the whole country that there was no insurrection.

This week, The NY Times reported, Cheney read some text messages sent to Meadows from Trump Jr. and Fox News hosts Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Brian Kilmeade as the so-called capital incursion was happening. All of them urgently expressed the need for the then-president to firmly condemn the violence as it happened.

In so doing, however, she accidentally proved that Trump and his own supporters were concerned by the rioting and that there was a general belief it should end.

So, you know, not really an insurrection, and more like we have believed all along — that a tiny group of the otherwise peaceful Trump supported barged into the Capitol, after which a less violent, opportunistic Trump crowd proceeded to mill through the building, taking videos and selfies and maybe rather misguidedly hoping that the election would be lawfully overturned within Congressional halls by the lawmakers who had promised to challenge it that day.

As the messages Cheney showed indicate, Trump’s people recognized quickly that this was a terrible idea that must be stopped and then denounced, pronto.

“He has got to condemn this sh*t ASAP,” Trump Jr. said to Meadows, who then responded that he was “pushing it hard.”

“We need a quick Oval address. He must lead now. It has gotten out of hand,” the younger Donald Trump added in yet another text.

“Mark, the president must tell people to go home,” Ingraham said. “He is destroying the legacy.”

Cheney said that his text messages “leave no doubt” that “the White House understood what was happening at the U.S. Capitol.”

Yeah, and they also prove the White House was quickly setting Trump up to reply, condemn the fast violence and issue an order to his supporters to go back home.

Which he then did.

Author: Steven Sinclaire