Pelosi Shows Her Blatant Disregard For American Lives

Democratic House Speaker Pelosi (CA) brought the House back in session for a rare set of Aug. votes on partisan bills to advance Biden’s extreme Democrat agenda. And while they are trying to revive parts of the disastrous H.R.1 federal takeover of elections, a liberal infrastructure bill, and the huge $3.5 trillion Biden spending plan, there was one item that Democrats did not want to discuss this week: Americans left behind stranded in Afghanistan by Biden.

Not only would they not talk about the fate of United States citizens who could be abandoned, they outright stopped consideration of legislation from Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-WI) that would have given crucial information about American citizens in Afghanistan so far not given out by the Biden White House.

By a vote of 220 to 212, House Dems blocked Gallagher’s bill that would have forced Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin to give daily reports to Congress on the status of airlifts and other withdrawal efforts.

“Over the previous week we have all seen the terrifying images coming from Afghanistan,” Gallagher said in the House this week. “Babies being handed over barbed wire. Two-year-olds getting trampled to death. Bodies falling from planes. These pictures are now forever drawn into American history. And they do not show the orderly withdrawal that President Biden promised.”

Calling these scenes created by Biden’s mismanaged departure “portraits of chaos and dishonor,” Gallagher asked “Was the idea for America to hand over billions of American military equipment to the Taliban? Was the plan to hand terrorists control of the Kabul airport? Was the idea to leave more than 10,000 Americans stranded?”

“It is time for the U.S. congress to act — to keep the admin. accountable and save American lives,” Gallagher said. “Make no mistake: If we leave on Aug. 31st we will have condemned thousands of Americans to die. I don’t care for any secret side deal that was made with the Taliban. This is America, we do not leave anyone behind.”

The Biden admin. — from the White House to the State Dept. to the Pentagon — has been intentionally vague about the information Gallagher wanted to get, failing to give specifics over “a few thousand” when asked about how many Americans were safely already evacuated and refusing to discuss Biden’s negotiations with the Taliban even after he sent the CIA director to grovel to the leader of the Taliban in Kabul this week.

Author: Scott Dowdy