Pelosi Rubs Hands Together As Biden Talks About Something Horrible

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), in a vert bizarre showing during President Biden’s State of the Union address, stood up and then awkwardly rubbed her hands together in glee as the president talked about the dangers that American troops were facing, breathing in the toxic smoke from “burn pits.”

“I have always though that we have a sacred duty to equip those people we send to war and take care for them and their families when they get back home,” Joe Biden said during his Tuesday speech, stating his White House is “giving assistance with housing and job training, and now helping low-income veterans receive VA care debt-free.”

“Our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq had many dangers,” he said. “One was breathing in toxic smoke from ‘burn pits’ that burned medical and hazard waste material, jet fuel, and a lot more.”

During this last line, the 81-year-old Dem put her hands into fists, stood up, smiled strangely, and rubbed her hands in a gleeful way before then sitting back down and contorting her lips to the right — one of her so called trademarks — as she kept looking adoringly at President Biden:

It remains unknown why Pelosi made this bizarre and creepy gesture or why that line got such an happy reaction.

We believe this action, while completely speculative, could be a glimpse at the outright evil that is Washington D.C. The idea that a top ranking member of congress would make this demonic type of hand gesture at the mentioning of “burn pits” really makes you think.

What is worse is that this event will probably be forgotten. Tossed into a heap of memory-holed occurrences that reveal the under-belly of those who rule over us.

We can only keep fighting day by day and push for a return to normalcy by election the most conservative Republicans we can find. Otherwise, people like Pelosi will continue to rule over us and future generations of Americans. And chances are, the next Pelosi won’t just get gleefully rubbing her hands together at the phrase “burn put,” she could be starting one.

Author: Steven Sinclaire