Pelosi ‘Payoff’ Disguised As Relief Bill

President Joe Biden has allied with Democrats to do everything they can to force through a $1.9 trillion “relief” bill that has very little connection to real relief. Instead, the huge legislation is about political projects and payouts.

Now, after Dems took the side of teachers refusing to return to work, House Speaker Pelosi wants to give government workers a $1,400 check each week for 15 weeks so they can homeschool their kids. Parents who do not work for the government, are not so fortunate.

This is nothing more than a personal payout for bureaucrats. With millions of parents struggling to work from home with kids who are not in school, and millions more who have left or lost their jobs to look after their children, apparently parents in the bureaucracy require their own, personal bailout.

Teachers in Maryland have put on a car-based protest to help them in their desire to not return to work. President Joe Biden is refusing to challenge them.