Pelosi Orders The Arrest Of Non-Compliant Republicans

Throughout the “back the blue” time of the Trump White House, one thing was very clear that largely stopped it — police follow orders.

This includes orders that are very absurd and break the basic freedoms of people. Yes, police generally do great work and are respected for it, but if you are thinking they will stand up to their bosses to protect your rights, they will almost always disappoint you.

Another example of that has come from inside the Capitol is that Nancy Pelosi has ordered the Police to arrest lawmakers and visitors who are not wearing a mask.

If the Capitol Police weren’t such a completely politicized group, they would scoff at the notion of using police personnel to arrest people for not using masks, especially when this edict comes from a very political source.

There is no science supporting the idea of more mask-mandates anywhere. That is especially true about the Capitol Building, where almost every individual in attendance is vaccinated and supposedly has long-term protection from the effects of coronavirus.

Pelosi ordered this mask-mandate back into place for one special reason — to troll Republicans. No data exists to really support mask mandates, much less inside the Capitol.

Even still, that does not excuse the Capitol Police from accepting this and allowing themselves to be turned into political pawns. But of course, they are the good guys, we have been assured of this.

Beyond that, where is Mitch McConnell? He is the Republican leader in a 50-50 Senate. Does he not have anything to say about this insanity being forced on his people? At least Kevin McCarthy issued his comments and called this craziness what it is. Every GOP member should refuse to comply with Pelosi’s order. Although I am sure we’ll be watching as Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski double-mask it just to be sure they are compliant with Democrats’ needs. No fight is worth fighting in for some people in the GOP. Except for these “bipartisan” deals with Biden.

Police being involved in something like arresting people over masks is underhanded. It’s overstepping the power that Americans have given to Washington. It must be condemned, and saying that you are just “following orders” is not going to work.

Author: Steven Sinclaire