Pelosi Makes a Hilarious “Promise” About The January 6th Commission

Congressional Dems, along side GOP members Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, will have their first Jan. 6 hearing at the Capitol this Tuesday morning.

Last week, House Speaker Pelosi removed GOP Judiciary Committee Member Jim Jordan and Study Chairman Jim Banks from her commission for the “sake of bipartisanship.”

Now, Pelosi is shockingly saying the commission will not be done in a “partisan way” after accepting Liberal Trump Haters Jaime Raskin and Adam Schiff to stay onboard.

“I do think the efforts of this committee, to keep the confidence of the American public, must behave in a way that is not partisan, and is all patriotism and I am very proud of the committee members and I am certain they will accomplish this goal. We have to, again, ignore the actions of those who don’t want the truth found,” Pelosi published in a video message. “It will happen patriotically and not with partisanship.”

Schiff spent around four years of President Trump’s White House stay falsely accusing his campaign of collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Even after a lengthy investigation, led by Mueller, revealed this never happened, Schiff kept pushing conspiracy theories. He repeated his destructive lies well after Mueller gave his report:

“House Intel. Committee Chairman Adam Schiff this Sunday said he believes there is “plenty” evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia but that it is not the same as actions that go to the level of criminality.”

“Yes, there is plenty evidence of collusion in clear sight. But that is not the exact same thing as having proof of a criminal action provable beyond a reasonable doubt,” Mr. Schiff said on CNN.”

Also, Schiff spearheaded the first impeachment against then-President Donald Trump after he dared to mention President Biden’s clear corruption in Ukraine along with his son Hunter.

When Congress certified the 2016 results with Trump as the victor, Congressman Raskin took objection.

This comes at a time when Pelosi is under pressure from the far-left and others to resign as they say she doesn’t go far enough to attack conservatives.

Author: Scott Dowdy