Pelosi in Major Denial as More House Democrats Flee Before 2022 Midterms

Everyone can see Democrats are in big trouble. That is, of course, Democrats. From polling to approval ratings to recent elections, we can see that Americans are ready to give Democrats their walking papers. State Democrats and D.C. Democrats face tough elections this year. And it’s entirely their fault. Americans are blaming the left for sitting back and letting Joe Biden derail our country’s recovery.

Worse than that, Americans know Democrats are to blame for prolonged COVID restrictions, abusive mandates, and other nonsense. On top of that, most Americans are not in step with the left’s headlong push into socialism, a system that is known to destroy nations. This is all shaping up to be a disastrous 2022 midterms, especially for House Democrats. To date, 26 incumbents announced retirement, with that number expected to rise.

Their majority is all but doomed. The only person unwilling to admit this is Nancy Pelosi.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the House Democrats are in “good shape” heading into the midterms and predicted the Democrats would remain in the House majority, despite the 26 congressmen who have announced plans to leave after the current term…

An interviewer asked Pelosi, “Doesn’t it mean that members are worried about losing the House?” and she answered, “No, it doesn’t. It means that they are getting on with their lives. And it’s a very personal decision, but we’re OK. We’re good,” Pelosi said. “We are very much confident about the seats of people who are leaving.”


Punchbowl also emphasized that Pelosi predicted the Democrats would hold their majority in 2010, which they did not. [Source: Breitbart]

If there was ever a woman living in denial, it is the self-absorbed, ego-driven Nancy Pelosi. Even children can see that House Democrats are in big trouble. Long-serving members are fleeing like rats from a sinking ship. Not only do the polls and recent history suggest a big loss for the left, but conservative and swing states are redrawing congressional districts. Some Democrats have lost their districts entirely or will be forced to compete against each other.

Not only that, but major blue states will be losing one or two seats in the House. Texas, Florida, and other red states will be picking up seats. Democrats only enjoy a meager 3-seat majority right now. It won’t take much for Republicans to gain an advantage and that’s not considering the major red wave that is expected to sweep over nearly every election this year.

Yet if you ask old Nance, everything is fine! Judging from her defensive response, she doesn’t believe her own words. Pelosi is known for hiding her anger and irritation, badly. She often gets combative and dismissive to reporters who ask her tough questions. And it’s clear from this exchange that she is just denying the inevitable.

In the end, Pelosi has never been a good House leader. She was unable to unite members, even those in her own party. She all too often caved to the radical left. She abandoned moderates. And she was just a rubber stamp for Biden’s broken agenda. We shouldn’t be surprised that now, she is ignoring the writing on the wall.

Author: Dylan Thomas