Pelosi Exposed For Unforgivable Crimes Committed Against America

During his opening comment to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday morning, General Milley denied that he ever inappropriately called the Chinese military and attempted to reassure America that he is dedicated to civilian military control.

“I am specifically ordered to communicate with the Chinese. These communications at the highest level are crucial to the security of the U.S.,” Milley said. “My loyalty to this country, its people, and the Constitution has not changed, and as long as I have a breath to give. My loyalty is total and absolute, and I will never turn my back on the fallen.”

“I believe in civilian military control,” he continued.

Milley also said that he does not think President Trump planned to attack China at the end of his presidency.

In his comments, Milley also spoke about a phone call from the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which happened on January 8th, in which Pelosi pushed him about the nuclear weapon process. Milley says he told her that conducting a launch requires numerous people in the chain of command, the president is the top authority to launch an attack.

“Speaker of the House Pelosi asked about the president’s ability to use nuclear weapons. I tried to assure her that a launch is governed by a very deliberate and specific process. She was concerned and made various personal references speaking about Trump. I said to her that the president is the sole nuclear authority and he does not launch the nuclear missiles alone and that I am not qualified to decide the mental health of the President,” Milley said. “There are protocols and rules in place and I repeatedly assured the speaker that there was no chance of an unauthorized launch. By presidential directive, and Sec. of Defense directive, the chairman is a part of the process to guarantee the president is fully informed when deciding to use the world’s deadliest weapons. By law, I am not in the chain of command and I understand this. However, by DOD instruction and presidential directive, I am within the chain of communication for a legal and statutory role as the president’s top military advisor.”

Milley said after his call with Pelosi, he convened a meeting with his staff to go through the nuclear process. He also expressed to Acting Sec. of Defense Mark Miller about Speaker Pelosi’s call.

“At no time was I attempting to influence the process, take away authority or insert myself into the chain-of-command,” Milley stated.

Author: Scott Dowdy